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How to Order

Ordering is easy! Send an email to memilyrae {at} gmail {dot} com and let me know what you’re interested in!

After I get the information from you (see below) and any design preferences you have, I’ll get started on the first mock-ups. If you do not have a specific design idea in mind I will do a minimum of 3 designs to get us started. After the mock-ups are done, I will email them to you with a watermark and have you look them over. Let me know what you’d like changed, spelling or information changes, etc. We’ll go back and forth until you’re happy. I will then print and send a physical sample (unless the order is for a digital file) to you.* (if there is enough time before your event) At that point, you will let me know if there are any more changes that need to be made and/or place your order. I will send an invoice to you via Paypal or Etsy. Once paid I will have the order printed (or emailed if a digital file) and mailed to you.


Information Needed:


>Announcement: Baby’s name, Birth date, time, weight, length, family welcoming baby, theme/colors, etc

>Shower: Mom-to-Be’s name; Date, Time and Location of Shower; RSVP, Gift Requests, Theme, etc.

Baptism:  Full Name; Date, Time and Location of Baptism; Information if there is an after-baptism get together; pictures etc.

Birthday: Name of Birthday person, Date, Time and Location, RSVP, theme of party, etc.

Business: What you need (Business cards, logo, web design, brochures, fliers, etc)

Decor: Image with theme (can be baby blanket, etc)

Graduation: Pictures, Name, Graduation Date, Time and Location, info of an after-party if needed, etc.

Holiday: Picture(s), info, etc. (Christmas cards, etc)

Scrapbook for Hire: Let’s talk!

> Pages (individually), Year’s worth of memories, Special Occasion, Vacation, etc.


>Announcement: Groom’s name, Bride’s name, wording (or request wording), Date, Time and Location of Ceremony.

> Extras: RSVPs, Save the Dates, Programs, etc.

> Wedding Showers, Bridal Showers, etc.


Well, there you have it! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!




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