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Business: Garden Anywhere Box

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I was able to help some friends back home with their business. I even have my own Garden Anywhere Box and I’m so excited to start growing our own vegetables! I created the logo and tri-fold, and designed the website (and one day will learn how to actually create a website on the backend…not just design it!)




Baptism: Country Polka Dots

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My daughter had her 8th birthday, and for anyone familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it’s one of the most important birthdays that stretches into the eternities. My daughter has chosen to be baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I am so proud that my little girl has taken this step to bring herself happiness and peace throughout her life. This is the front/back invitation that we created for this special day!Baptism-web Front

Baptism-web-back Back

Birthday: Monster High

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My daughter wanted a Monster High party for her 8th birthday. I love the colors of the characters and couldn’t decide on one…so I made multiple ticket-like invites!

MonsterHigh_Ticket Stubs

Birthday: Video Game

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I’ve said it before – but I love easy birthday parties! My son’s 9th birthday all he wanted to do was have pizza, play video games and open presents! I’m TOTALLY okay with that! I used the green and black theme for the banner, streamers and invite and I didn’t plan anything else! It was wonderful!


WHOOPS Just noticed when I changed the details to be generic, my font changed at the bottom! I’ll overlook that if you will! LOL

Birthday: Water Gun Party

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I love summer parties! How easy is it to meet at a pool, play in the sprinkler, or as with my nephew, have a water gun fight! Kids LOVE that kind of fun and parents, at least this parent, loves how easy it is to throw a water party! I created this invite for my nephew (What? 6 already??!!!)…I love getting themes where I need to create something brand new (i.e. a water gun!) that I can use again and again and again!

Water Party - web

Graduation: Baylee

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BayLee Nielson(1)

Baby Announcements: Samples

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Graduation: Samples

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